DNC vs. RNC in You Tube Smackdown

Why are you a Democrat? Why are you a Republican? The two parties have launched dueling You Tube contests encouraging their party faithful to explain why they support the party. Click on the party logos to go to the respective You Tube contest sites.

DNC Logo http://youtube.com/demconvention
RNC Logo http://www.youtube.com/gopconvention2008

We’re not sure if the timing of these contests is coincidence or reaction… but one of the more viral videos on You Tube these days is a satirical video called “I’m voting Republican”. I can guarantee it will NOT be shown at the RNC.


Also… if you’re into this kind of video propaganda from either party or their surrogates, check out our new page “Party Propaganda”. It includes fact check information from factcheck.org as well as our own analysis.

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