We’re All Naked On A Bike

According to organizer Kate/Owen, the point of the World Naked Bike Ride is tripartate- protesting oil use and car culture; advocating bikes, skateboards, rollarblades and other alternative forms of transport; and celebrating the human body.

The event that took place up and down the streets of Denver on the evening of Saturday the 12th was half-expected to run into trouble from the police. In 2006 the ride ended in arrests in Boulder, and that is Boulder mind you, famous for, well, some leeway in these sorts of things.

This was Denver. Not so much leeway. Organizers made sure they had copies of applicable laws, a lawyer somewhere in the crowd (he or she wasn’t wearing a suit), and a street medic, for contingincies.

The ensuing, impromptu partnership between police and riders says a lot about what has changed, not just in two years, but in the protest movements and police offices generally. This reporter didn’t make it all the way to the end of the ride, but there have been no reports of arrests or trouble. In fact, since I often ride on sidewalks, had to borrow a glowstick to comply with regulations to have a light on my bike, and couldn’t film and keep up with the pack, I was probably the most arrestable person there.

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