David Sirota- An Election isn’t a Social Movement

Blogger, columnist, and author David Sirota stopped by the Colfax Tattered Cover (Denver’s local independent bookstore) on his long book tour for The Uprising. He spoke to a packed crowd downstairs at the same store where he actually penned much of the book, answered question, and signed books before dropping by the local Drinking Liberally chapter for a pint or two.

One of his central points is the difference between the electoral system and actual social movements. If you couldn’t be there, take a look and listen as he talks about our focus on electoral politics anger in the nation.

And FYI, I shot this piece on a lower end, direct to MP4 camcorder, and edited it in Quicktime Pro. I was a little disappointed with the audio, and it’s hard to tell where I made cuts, but for those of you who’ve been holding back on putting up material like this, please get in touch. I promise you don’t need to even learn what MP4 means.

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