“Puppet Masters” – DNC Video

TEXT: Who is Pulling the Strings on John McCain’s Energy Plan?

MCCAIN: “Now as then, all a windfall profits tax will accomplish is to increase our dependence on foreign oil, and hinder exactly the kind of domestic exploration and production we need.” [McCain Speech to Oil Executives (Houston, TX), 6/17/08]

TEXT (over applause): Big Oil: $143 Billion in Profits Over the Last Year [Securities and Exchange Commission, 2007-2008]

MCCAIN: “I propose that the federal government suspend all taxes on gasoline now paid by the American people from Memorial Day to Labor Day.” [McCain remarks (Pittsburgh, PA), 4/15/08]

TEXT (over applause): 200 Economists: Gas Tax Gimmick Means Even More for Big Oil [CNN, 5/6/08]

TEXT: 33 McCain Advisors and Fundraisers Lobbied for Big Oil [Campaign Money Watch, 7/31/08:http://www.campaignmoney.org/files/It…

TEXT: Oil Industry Contributes $2 Million to McCain Campaign [Center for Responsive Politics; Washington Post, 7/27/08]

TEXT: Big Oil in the White House? We’ve Seen This Show Before.

TEXT: John McCain: More of the Same on Energy

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