“Job Killing John”-DNC video

With John McCain embarking on a so-called “jobs tour” aimed at hiding his job-killing record, the Democratic National Committee today released a new web video called “Job- Killing John” that highlights his pattern of putting his lobbyist friends ahead of Americas’ workers. The video comes days after the leak of an internal McCain campaign memo that shows McCain will attempt to distort the record by falsely portraying Senator Obama as a “job killing machine.” In reality–from opposing Buy American rules to supporting unfair trade deals that have cost America hundreds of thousands of jobs–John McCain has repeatedly supported policies that outsource American jobs.

Now, recent reports show McCain has repeatedly intervened on behalf of his lobbyists friends at the expense of American workers. Last week, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that McCain intervened on behalf of a DHL-Airborne Express merger that now threatens the jobs of more than 8,000 Ohio workers. McCain’s campaign manager earned $185,000 lobbying in favor of the merger. Earlier this year, reports revealed that McCain helped steer a $35 billion Air Force tanker deal away from Boeing and towards a European defense contractor that seven of the lobbyists running and raising money for his campaign lobbied on behalf of.

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