“Exxon John” – DNC Video

The Democratic National Committee today launched the first web ad of the Exxon-McCain ’08 campaign. The ad, called “Exxon John,” highlights McCain’s promise of more giveaways for his new friends in Big Oil. Released on the same day activists across the country are participating in an Exxon-McCain ’08 National Day of Action, “Exxon John” is a parody of the “Big John” video released earlier this year by Republican Senator John Cornyn.

Last week, the Center for Responsive Politics reported that campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry to Senator McCain are triple the industry’s contributions to Senator Obama. When contributions to the Republican National Committee are included, the McCain campaign has raised more than $2 million from Big Oil, and more than twice as much from the three most recognizable oil companies: Exxon, BP and Chevron. In return, Exxon John has promised $4 billion in new tax giveaways for Big Oil, offered new gimmicks that will line Big Oil’s pockets but do nothing to help Americans deal with skyrocketing energy costs, and resisted efforts to raise fuel efficiency standards and promote alternatives to oil.

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