Denver:”Secret” Detention Center & Caged Free Speech

The city of Denver has been very secretive about its plans for dealing with protesters during the DNC. First, no one could find out where the “Free Speech Zone” was going in, then the parade route lottery was kept under wraps, and so on.


Finally journalists got wind of a secret detention center with a high capacity for holding people. The race was on, as a blogger pinpointed the location and the local CBS affiliate managed to get inside and film. I spoke to several protest organizers at a press conference at the secret detention center location during a small, but relatively well attended press conference. We talked about the detention center, but also about their frustrations with the current electoral system and what they hoped to achieve in their protests at the DNC.


Thanks to Erin Rosa of the for putting me on this story. Please see her excellent and detailed story, including a history of the building, and more detail on potential problems and conditions.

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