Denver Remixes Political Speech with Karaoke

From “The Karaoke Convention provides a PLATFORM for RE-SPEAKING. The Karaoke Convention aims to create EMBODIED KNOWLEDGE in the project participants. By reading and re-speaking the words of the candidates and adopting their gestures, the campaign seeks to create a space for deeper, more intimate understandings of the candidates and the meanings contained in their political rhetoric.


The Karaoke Convention is a project FOR THE PEOPLE OF DENVER, it is meant as a form of LOCAL CULTURE JAMMING. A powerful stream of video signals will be transmitted from the Pepsi center. The people of Denver, living within a few miles of the Pepsi Center, will receive, via their televisions and over the internet, the same signal as those over 5000 miles away in Dakar. This project is aimed at EMPOWERING THE PEOPLE OF DENVER TO RE-INTERPRET this transmission through a LOCAL RECEPTION FILTER.” Video by Noah Kunin, interview by Salimah Ebrahim, karaoke by both.

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