We Need You! (Also, We Really Like You.)

Hello, friends. Happy Monday! It’s going to be a busy week here at UpTake HQ, and we want you to join us. Here’s what’s happening:


It’s (A)live!


Our infamous live stream is back in full force. (Perhaps you caught our live stream of the McCain/Palin rally in Blaine, MN last week? No? Check the front page for a re-cap.) We’ll be live-streaming and live-blogging several events this week:


TONIGHT, Monday, September 22: CD3 Debate between Ashwin Madia (D), Erik Paulson (R) and David Dillon (I) from 7-9 PM. We’ll be covering this live in our MN group.


Also TONIGHT, we’ll be live-streaming the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists’ post-RNC panel at Coffman Union, during the same time-frame, on the front page. We’ll run a link to both events on the front page, so you can flip back and forth between the two streams.


There’s a scattering of debates and events each night this week we’re still working on. We’ll let you know ASAP when you can join us on those.


Cover Your Race!


As always, The UpTake would love to have YOUR take on what’s going on in your community. We’ll soon have a sparkly magical apparatus in which you can choose the race you want to cover, but for now, send our Volunteer Coordinator, Suzanne, an e-mail and let her know what you can do: suzanne.hughes@theuptake.org. Talk to your neighbors! Talk to your candidate! Talk to your Congresswoman! You know the scoop in your neighborhood – let the world know, too.


Intern with The UpTake


We need hard-working, passionate interns who can dedicate 10-40 hours a week to helping The UpTake thrive during the election season. This is an unpaid position, but you’ll get to work with cutting-edge technology while you stand tall on the front lines of Election 2008. We need citizen journalists, research mavericks, volunteer coordinator assistants, technology gurus and more. We’ll work with your college for credit. E-mail Jennifer to set-up an interview: jennifer.whigham@theuptake.org.

Videos, Videos


We’re STILL wrapping up RNC coverage. (I think we’ll be doing this for, roughly, the next thousand years.) Check out what St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman had to say about the protest events surrounding the RNC. Watch Citizen Kate as she learns that wearing the right clothes just might keep you safe on the streets during a riot. Sick of the RNC? What about Sarah Palin? (Hint: those 10,000 supporters who attended the Blaine rally might be saying, “McCain WHO?”) All this, and more, on The UpTake.


Send Us Away!


Did you like our DNC coverage? How about when we traversed the northeast during snowy primary season? Traveling takes resources, and that’s when we turn to you. We’d love to send our journalists to the upcoming presidential and vice-presidential debates to give you the live-streaming, action-packed coverage you’re used to, but we need some help. If just 24 people donate $200, we can send two journalists to a debate. If 50 people send $100, we can do the same. We’d be grateful for your support, and proud to keep our reform train chugging. Please click here to donate.


Questions? Concerns? So excited you can barely stand it? Let me know: jennifer.whigham@theuptake.org. Thanks for watching!

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