“Betting On McCain” – DNCC Video

 MCCAIN: “Well, I am a betting man.” [NBC Nightly News, 9/25/08]

  CHYRON: Betting on McCain? Casino Lobbyists Are

IMAGE: “For McCain and Team, a Host of Ties to Gambling Industry” [New York Times, 9/28/08]
  CHYRON: John McCain Stacked The Deck For His Favorite Lobbyists

  PHOTO AND CHYRON: Scott Reed, Former Aide & Lobbyist

  PHOTO AND CHYRON: Wes Gullett, Lobbyist & Family Friend

  CHYRON: And They Returned The Favor …

CHYRON: $400,000 Casino Campaign Fundraisers / PHOTO: Casino [New York Times, 9/28/08]
CHYRON: Gambling With Casino Lobbyists At 2:30AM / PHOTO: McCain Gambling [New York Times, 9/28/08]
CHYRON: Fundraisers with Famous Vegas Tycoons / PHOTO: Sheldon Adelson [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/29/08]
  CHYRON: 40 Gambling Lobbyists on the Campaign [New York Times, 9/28/08]

  CLOSING CHYRON: JOHN MCCAIN: Special Interest Driven Politics

  CLOSING CHYRON: JOHN MCCAIN: More of the Same Broken Politics

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