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The UpTake ( ), an emergent citizen-fueled online video-news gathering organization focusing on providing alternative coverage of the 2008 political circus is looking for interns! We are looking for the right folks to build our team to carry our momentum to the next level. Our groundbreaking coverage of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions gained widespread recognition for the use of empowering citizen-journalists with cell phones with live streaming video capabilities. In general, we cover stories that are falling off the radar of the big media – compelling local stories, interesting viewpoints, strong personalities. Our mission is to empower citizens to commit acts of journalism.


UpTake Team

Here’s what we’re looking for:



1. Join our coverage team! Pair with one of our video-journalists and learn the entire video workflow from capture to publication and distribution.


2. Join our research team! Our low costs allow us to investigate stories that get missed. Any topic is open but we are looking to focus on the economic crisis, energy and water quality issues and health care policy over the next two months.


3. Join our volunteer and marketing team! The UpTake’s future success depends on building a broad-based grassroots movement to support its coverage goals. Help build a grassroots infrastructure and market The UpTake’s mission to a wider audience.



The UpTake is run by a group of passionate, hard working citizens. You should be the same. Here’s who we’re looking for:



-Creative solver. Part of the problem is that the media status quo isn’t working. Don’t be tied down by tradition.


-Panic resistant. Things don’t always go as planned and that’s part of the fun of this job. Be able to keep a clear head and stay flexible.


-Robust organizer. Especially when covering politics there’s a lot of noise. Compartmentalize information and make it usable.


-Tech Savvy. Everything we do involves technology in some way. Be proficient or a quick learner. These are vague by design.


We want a diverse group of applicants. If you are a journalism major this is a great way to get on the ground floor of building a new press organization in an era of media contraction. If you are an artist this is a great way to hone your video editing or design skills. Bring your personal skill set and commitment to our mission. We will work with your school to verify hours worked for class credit.


Contact Jennifer at  Please include a brief cover letter/resume/interview availibility.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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