Sen. Coleman Dogged About Suit Questions

Who paid for Senator Norm Coleman’s expensive suits? It’s a pretty straight question that’s not getting a straight answer from Senator Coleman or his campaign. This video provided by the DFL Party is of Senator Coleman refusing to respond to an allegation first reported by Ken Silverstein of Harpers Magazine.


Senator Coleman’s reason for not responding to the question was because it had been reported in “the blogs”.


The blog that reported the allegation is published by Harper’s Magazine and written by its award winning reporter Ken Silverstein. His article indicates Minnesota businessman Nasser Kazeminy, a big donor to the G.O.P., may have bought suits for Coleman at Neiman Marcus when Coleman was still Mayor of St. Paul. So, Coleman would not have to report the gift since he was not a Senator at the time. That could explain the carefully worded answer his campaign gave today to repeated questions about the suits.


Coleman’s Campaign Manager Sticks To The Exact Same Evasive Answer

This is a link to a transcript and video of a press conference today(Wednesday) where Coleman’s Campaign Manager gave the same answer twelve times about whether the Senator’s Suits were a gift.


That answer was “The Senator has reported every gift he has ever received”.



REPORTER: So the Senator will only go according to the Senate ethics laws or rules rather than answer questions?

CULLEN SHEEHAN: He has done everything that he is required to do, Rachel.

REPORTER: That is not my question, Cullen.

CULLEN SHEEHAN: But that is my response.

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