Tinklenberg on the Bachmann Bounce

Video and story by Tom Elko

At a townhall meeting held in Blaine on Tuesday evening Democratic Congressional challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg announce his campaign had raised over $1,000,000 since Republican incumbent Michele Bachmann’s infamous Hardball appearance.


Tinklenberg noted that the money came from over 18,000 donors from accross the country and the average donation was $40. The money will be directed towards the campaign’s GOTV efforts and media buys on television and radio.


The challenger is also getting a boost from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) which placed Tinklenberg on its “Red to Blue” list of targeted House campaigns. Tinklenberg was add to the list prior to Bachmann leveling charges of anti-Americanism against Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and liberal members of Congress. The DCCC will soon begin airing its own ads in Minnesota that are expected to take direct aim against Bachmann.

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