Contrast In styles: Minnesota candidates meet the press

There was no mystery as to who the media star was after two Minnesota Public Radio hosted congressional debates. In a chaotic scene, reporters crowded around 6th District Republican incumbent Rep. Michele Bachmann after her debate with DFL challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg.

One Bachmann supporter proudly yelled to the press “she is a pitbull in lipstick!”

Inside the lobby of MPR, a much more subdued scene had Tinklenberg taking questions from a gaggle if reporters for over ten minutes.

By the time 2nd District Republican incumbent Rep. John Kline finished his debate with DFL challenger Steve Sarvi, most of the press had vanished. When approached by The UpTake, Rep. Kline refused to take questions.


Audio of Kline/Sarvi debate can be found here

Audio of Bachmann/Tinklenberg debate can be found here

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