Bachmann mixes official and campaign business in St. Cloud

With three days until the election, Sixth District Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) toured the St. Cloud VA Hospital along with the visiting Secretary of Veterans Affairs James Peake.

The event was billed as official business for Bachmann but a group of veterans, who support Bachmann’s DFL and Independence endorsed challeger Elwyn Tinklenberg, called on Bachmann’s campaign to refund the tax payers and pay for the event with campaign money.

After remarks by Sec. Peake and Congresswoman Bachmann, both were questioned about the timing and nature of the event. St. Cloud VA Public Affairs Officer Joan Vincent indicated that the event was scheduled six weeks ago by the Secretary’s office and Bachmann stated her office put in the request for the visit several months ago..

Despite indicating that she would take questions once outside of the press conference, Bachmann avoided campaign-related questions from an Associated Press reporter. Bachmann and her staff boarded a bus for the short ride to the VA’s main building to continue the tour. After stepping off of the bus Bachmann refused to comment on the veterans accusations.

Less than two hours later, Bachmann held a campaign event a few miles away at the Minnesota GOP’s St. Cloud Victory Office.


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