State of The UpTake – January, 2009

Hello, UpTakers! Ah, it’s nice to relax. The recount’s over; Election 2008 is at a close. Let me just put my feet up on this ottoman – oh, wait? What’s that you say? Norm Coleman is filing an election contest? Millions are descending upon Washington DC for an inauguration? The Minnesota Legislature quietly convened in the last week? No sleep for the wicked! Or, in this case, The UpTake.

Here’s what we’ve got in store for the next months:

1. Quick on the UpTake: after popular demand, we’ll now be broadcasting a regular live show starring the UpTake team, and whomever we drag on with us. Our first show, hosted by our Mike McIntee, will be this Thursday, at 2 PM CST. Join us live, right after MN Governor Pawlenty’s State of the State Address. Mike will recap the week, and take your questions.

2. Meet-Ups: Sometime in the next month, we’ll be hosting our very first UpTake meet-up for volunteers and fans. We’ll have speakers. We’ll have a training session. We’ll have the entire UpTake team at your mercy. Come meet the faces behind The UpTake, and your fellow UpTake fans. More details to come.

3. State of the State, 12 PM CST, Thursday, January 15th: We’ll be live as MN Governor Pawlenty presents his State of the State. How bad are things, anyway? Join us live, and on the blog.

4. Inauguration: Oh, we’ll be there. Will you? We’d love to have your input! Have a camera? What’s your inauguration story? How about the guy next to you? Want your footage on The UpTake? Contact us at

In between all of this, we’ll be covering the Minnesota legislature, the upcoming election contest and more. Stay tuned to The UpTake – 2009′s going to be an incredible year.

Thanks for watching!

PS: Tonight (Monday) join Mike live on The UpTake as he broadcasts from AM KNTF. 6 CST – 7 PM CST. You can watch him live on our site, or listen at (put in 55104 for your zip).

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