The Dali Lama, Barbie and Commodity Fetishism

Two 50th anniversaries happen this week. It is the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Chinese rule. Also in China, Mattel is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Barbie by opening up a six story retail emporium- complete with a restaurant & bar, and salon to get facials and manicures: say hello to House of Barbie in Shanghai.


Written/ presented by Dennis Trainor Jr. Dennis Trainor Jr is a regular video contributor to He was a writer & media consultant for Dennis Kucinich’s 2008 presidential campaign & a 2007 “Best of YouTube” nominee for his work as writer/ performer on “The Hermit with Davis Fleetwood.” He is currently at work on two books: “My Progressive Dilemma” (chronicling President Obama’s 1st year in office) and a novel adapted from his play, “I Coulda Been a Kennedy.” Contact: dennistrainorjr (at) gmail (dot) com

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