Senate DFL Counters Governor’s Budget With Its Own Proposal

DFL Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller says it’s time for Minnesota to “take its medicine” and are proposing a 7% across the board spending cut.  DFL Senator Thomas Bakk said Governor Pawlenty’s budget is an admission that more revenue is needed.  He said that most Minnesotans would support more equity in total taxes.  According to a just released tax incidence study. the richest 1% of Minnesotans pay nearly about 7% of thier income in taxes while most Minnesotans pay closer to 12% of their income in taxes.


Republicans were predictably quick to criticize the proposal.


Republican Senator Geoff Michel said “jobs” were missing from the budget proposal and claimed new taxes would kill jobs in Minnesota.  Michel failed to mention that Governor Pawlenty’s budget calls for job losses in Minnesota’s state government and could possibly force the layoff of police and fire fighters in local governments.


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