Rare Glimpse into Dakota Pipe Ceremony

Historically, even when the government actually tried to keep its promises of payments of food and supplies in exchange for land, honoring the treaties, the very people who were supposed to deliver supplies sold those supplies for profit. Eventually the starving Indians would rebel and then be massacred. Strangely, this seems similar to our current times where the very rich are taking all monetary funds, while our whole economy tanks.

What is really hopeful about the Dakota story is that even though the Dakota people faced both physical death and cultural death, their cultural roots are being rekindled and cherished.The Dakota Pipe ceremony is a way of honoring and connecting to ancestors and that history. Above all, this is a story of hope for the future.

Because practicing the Indian culture was illegal for so long, this one of the few times that video recording was welcomed. So forgive the first few juggling frames of a very good video, for we wanted to preserve the recording of verbal permission being given.

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