The UpTake Wish List

Hello, UpTake Friends:
With your support over the last few months, we’ve been able to stay in operation.  We’ve been operating at one quarter of our needed funds, but it’s been the contributions from our viewers that have kept us alive – thank you all so much.

Unfortunately, our future isn’t stable. We’ve been able to expand our existence thanks to our viewers, but we’ll be out of resources in May. We’ve applied for grants and other funding, but we won’t know the fate of those until later this year.  Without significant funding soon, The UpTake will have to go dark for a while – it’s as simple as that.

Because of popular demand, we’ve finally compiled an operating list/equipment wish list.  This is not a complete list, but it’s our best estimation, and we’ll add to it as we complete further inventories.  It includes what it takes to keep us in operation, and also a combined needs/fantasy list of equipment.  If you’d like to pledge an amount, please leave a comment here, e-mail us at or go to our Donate link. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  And thanks for watching.


* * *


Operating and Staff Costs: $4000 per week ($533 per day, $22 per hour)
-This includes rent, misc operating costs and potential salaries for four employees


Internet (T-1): $200/week
– A T1 line is necessary to handle the large amount of video we process.

Phone, for landline and three iPhones: $125/week
-We use the iPhones not only for calls, texts and interaction with our audience, but also for live-streaming


Canopus Audio Analog to Digital (A/D) and Digital to Analog (D/A) Converter Box. (2) – $200 each
   - Model 110 – $200, $240 with plug in.  Model ADVC-300 is $420 with plug in.
   - We may need two of these.  We can always use them even if they aren’t installed
     in the capitol closet because we may find a combination device.

TV tuners to broadcast 2 cable channels at one time. – $200-400 each
 - We need 2 tuner cards.
 - We currently are using borrowed equipment to get one channel up.
 - We may have one tuner per channel or we may have a dual tuner install.  

PC to operate the tuner cards with.  – $250
 - Most tuners are PCI cards and are only compatible with a PC. Mac solutions are
   limited in choice and expensive.

Remote Desktop Software (VNC) for the computer.  - $50
  – One license per computer that is accessed.

Secure cabinet to use for our equipment hold in the basement at the capitol – donated, or $100 – $500
 - Can be wood or metal
 - Must be secure with a lock.  We prefer a combination lock
 - Must have ventilation holes for air flow.
 - Should be big enough to store our broadcast equipment, plus a area for temporary gear
 - our area size is two 4-drawer vertical file cabinets side-by-side…. up to 18″ from the
 - See Mike McIntee for more information on our needs.

Beachtek Compact Audio Adapter for each of our cameras. – $200
 - we currently have 2.
 - we need 1 adapter per camera – we currently have 9 cameras both owned and personal.
 - allows us to plug in ‘pro’ style plugs
 - allows us to use line level signals with our mic level cameras
 - Can mix both right and left sides

Sennheiser Compact Shotgun Mic — “Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone” – $200
  – one for each camera
  – we currently have one working and one broken

An AudioVideo (A/V) distribution amp (1:4) – $110 each
  – We need one for each show we produce.  Currently we have 2 shows.
  – We have one donation on the way.

Audio Mixer  - $400 each
  – We need one for each show we produce.
  – We currently have one on loan for Tom’s Show that has to go back.
  – We would like to have at least 4 XLR inputs plus other source inputs.
  – We are thinking this will be an 8 channel mixer.

Tripods – $20-$50 each

- Need one for every camera set.  Currently have 2-3 semi-working tripods.

Set Lights – $1000 each
 - We need at least 3 lights for each set. 

Replacement SM57 Shure Mics – $100 each + $15 for windscreen.
 - We’r missing quite a few of our SM57 Shure Mics.
  -Need 6+ mics


Camera Kits – $100-$200 each

PZM Soundgrabber Microphone – $80 – $200

-Great for our Weekend UpTake show

Lav Mike – $30-$100

-Great for interviews/roundtable discussions

Tapes – $110 for a box of 50



1 TB Harddrives – $100 each

-All that video has to go somewhere.


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