Cap and Tirade: Bachmann Repeats Falsehood

By Noah Kunin, Senior Political Correspondent
April 9th, 2009
Woodbury, MN


Representative Michele Bachmann (MN-6) is still spreading false information regarding an MIT study on cap and trade. 

She held two townhalls today to discuss proposals for a cap and trade program to abet greenhouse gasses.  She was joined by Chris Horner, a lawyer for the Competitive Enterprise Institute.  They gave prepared presentations and only took highly moderated pre-written questions.

For us to know if Rep. Bachmann is “willfully lying” vs “unwittingly misrepresenting” we would have to know if she knew the author of the MIT report had spoken out on the subject.

Regrettably, Rep. Bachmann refused to speak with all press today.


To view the entire townhall, click here.  High quality/downloadble version coming soon.



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Photo of Prof John Reilly by Donna Coveney, MIT



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