MN GOP Refers To Al Franken As “Elected Representative”

It may have been just a bad choice of wording, but Minnesota GOP Chairman Ron Carey confered the title of “elected representative” on Al Franken Thursday. 


At 1:10 into the video Carey says “These Minnesotans deserve to have elected representatives who will stand up and fight for them when their rights are being trampled upon.  That’s why I’m calling on Al Franken to publicly join (former) Senator Norm Coleman in demanding that each and every ballot that was legally cast on election night be opened and counted so we can finally learn who truly won this election.”


The inference being that Al Franken is an elected representative.   It’s pretty obvious from the rest of the news conference that Carey is arguing that Franken has not yet won the election for US Senate in Minnesota.  Yet it is interesting to note that even in the GOP news conferences, language that portrays Franken as a US Senator is starting to creep in.  Carey also talks about Franken’s “potential constituents”.

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