Weekend UpTake – April 19th, 2009 – Full Episode

In this episode, Host Jim Norton inteviews John Hoffoss, an Information Security Consultant and judge in the 2009 Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.  Our roundtable discusses tea bags, taxes, high speed rail and Coleman v Franken with:


Matt Sparber: Playwright – Editor, SecretsofTheCity.com/talk
Chuck Tomlinson: CoHost, Cosmic Slop
Joe Bodell: MNprogressiveproject.com
Jason Barnet: Executive Director, The UpTake


To watch just the interivew with John Hoffoss, click here.


UPDATE – 4/22/09, 1PM CT: To hammer home the importance of the issue of internet security, hackers have not only compromised sections of the US electrical grid, but the Pentagon’s $300 billion Joint Strike Fighter program as well [via Wall Street Journal]

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