Late Night Standup Comedy In MN House

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Watch out Conan O’Brien, David Letterman and other late night comedians.  The Minnesota House of Representatives is trying to provide you competition.  At 11:30 last night when most Minnesotans have turned off the TV and gone to bed, the House put on its own version of stand-up comedy.


It all began with a proposal to not pay lawmakers expenses (per diem) during any special session.  The idea being that would be an incentive to finish all the work during the regular session which is scheduled to finish next month.


Instead of voting down the proposal, Rep Rod Hamilton (R) Mountain Lake moved to amend it to require Twin Cities metro areas legislators to provide housing, food, laundry and entertainment for non-metro area legislators.


The amendment touched off a round of comedy and eventually led to original proposal being withdrawn.  In other words, the proposal to eliminate special session per diem pay made by  Rep. Joyce Peppin (R) of Rogers was literally laughed off the House floor.

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