MN Gov Candidate Susan Gaertner: The Cops and The Gauntlet

By Grace Kelly

On April 30, outside of of Susan Gaetner’s Fundraiser for Governor at 801 Washington, a dedicated group of people protest that eight people are charged for felonies, such as conspiracy to riot, from the Republican National Convention. The evidence provided to the public has been so sparse that these cases appear to be just the government’s attempt to save face.


Recently,Gaertner dropped two of the four conspiracy charges against the RNC 8. The cost to both Ramsey county and the defendants has been questioned! The RNC 8 face about $250,000 in legal fees. So this dedicated group appears outside of Susan Gaertner’s fundraising events. Reactions range from ducking through back doors to listening to the case. Appealing to donors, is how this group presents their case about the type of change that Susan Gaertner presents.


The three cop cars and five officers were paid for out of city funds. In these tight financial times, was this a good use of police resources?

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