Cool Invention: Wheel Chair Tug

By Grace Kelly –

At the Living Expo, one expects cutting edge green technology. Still, I was surprised at the cutting edge technology of the “51/49″ corporation in prototype engineering. Jon Nygren demonstrates the wheel chair tug in the video.


Now those of you who don’t work with people in wheelchairs, the range of difficulties varies. A fully motorized chair can be very expensive and the little tug can provide just that little bit extra power when needed. Indeed Jon’s company provides a range of wonderful solutions that resolve the problems of why bikes cannot be our whole solution.


A electric sidecar, estimated at about $750, would provide space for groceries or a dog, with a electronic motor boost. The side car leans and flows with the driver, with the advantage that the driver can see the dog or the groceries.


There were also tandem bikes that allow even blind people to bike. New options, like a electric motor that makes hills easier, can make biking a more universal option for traveling. Add those options to the special aids for handicapped and bicycling suddenly seems accessible to all! For those of you interested, Jon can be reached at j_nygren (at) comcast (dot) net.

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