Republican Leader Parades Special Session And Govt Shutdown Talk In Front Of Press

House Minority Leader Marty Seifert tries to frame a potential special session as the fault of the DFL. Seifert used the term “government shutdown” several times as a way to try to win sympathy for Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty. The Governor has repeatedly promised to veto any bill that has a tax increase.


Seifert made the comments after meeting with the Governor to discuss the pending omnibus bills. Seifert says a there is a proposal in the Economic Development bill to forgive a loan to the City of St. Paul for building the Xcel Center. Seifert says the loan forgiveness would cost the state $30 Million dollars and may jeopardize Governor Pawlenty from signing the bill. Seifert says the Transportation Bill will be signed.


He then took issue with a statement from Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson Kelliher earlier today that she was going to take the tax and budget bills to the people. Seifert says the Speaker “is taking it to the people with a club” and is threatening to force a government shutdown with a special session.

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