FACT CHECK: Sen Day Says “Hogwash”, But Cuts To Fire And Police Are Real

Republican Senator Dick Day said it is “hogwash” that cities and counties will need to lay off firefighters and police because of Governor Pawlenty’s proposed cuts to local government aid. Senator Day is wrong on that point. Cities such as Winona, Minnesota have already cut police and fire positions because of the Governor’s unallotment of LGA funds late last year and plan to cut more positions should the state cut funds again.


Examples of police and fire layoffs because of LGA funding cuts:

Blue Earth now short two police officers because of LGA cuts – Fairmont Sentinel

MN City drops cops to save $$$- KARE 11

List of cities plans on how to deal with LGA cuts, many which include Fire/Police layoffs -thanklga.org


Senator Day , a Republican, says he will not be afraid to run in 2010 defending Republican Governor Pawlenty’s cuts. The Governor has issued an ultimatum to the legislature saying he will line item veto the budget to shape it more to his liking.

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