Pawlenty Vetos Tax Bill-No Specific Answers Yet On Cuts

Hours before he vetoed a tax bill that would have balanced the state’s budget, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty gave an unannounced news conference on Thursday to answer questions about the closed-door session he had with his cabinet about cutting the budget.


The Governor is taking the extraordinary step of using his “unallotment” and veto powers to remake the budget more to his liking. The Governor and the legislature could not agree on a budget before the legislature had to adjourn for the year.


The Governor only had “broad strokes” to talk about saying that local government aid would be cut, but not for all cities.


Here is a summary of the news conference from our twitter feed.

Gov Pawlenty says he will focus on cutting and unallotment for 2nd year of budget so #mnleg might be able to review. But not in all cases.


Gov Pawlenty says he can’t take money out of health care access fund because it is not in deficit.


Gov Pawlenty: Cities better not say they can cut ZERO from their budgets.


Gov Pawlenty: Cities are “whining and complaining” about cuts.


Gov Pawlenty promises to summarize and give to the media the ideas people send in for cutting the #mnbudget


Gov Pawlenty brushes aside question about setting a precedent. Future Govs would not have to deal with #mnleg at all, just unallot and veto


“This isn’t my desired path” says Pawlenty of his vetos #mnbudget cuts. Of course, without vetos, he wouldn’t have to do #mnbudget cuts.


Gov Pawlenty mistakenly thinks 1986 was 40 years ago. Much have been doing too much #mnbudget math.


Q: Are you going to run for re-election?  Gov Pawlenty answer: You’ll know shortly. How short is shortly?


Gov convinced that most MN are thankful he “took bull by the horns”. He obviously hasn’t ventured very far from GOP caucus in seeking info.


Gov Pawlenty says Minneapolis has its own Civil Rights dept. Didn’t we debunk that before? Need to fact check that.


Gov Pawlenty says Local Govt. Aid will be part of the #mnbudget cuts. Hello higher property taxes! Again!


Q: Why didn’t you veto bills instead of signing them if spending was a problem? Pawlenty:There was a lot of good things in bills. #mnbudget


Gov Pawlenty hopes to have unallotment / cuts figured out by July 1st. sign/veto bills by Monday at midnight. He hopes to have them all done by Friday.

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