Questions About Sotomayor You Tube Video

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs answers the media’s questions about Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the US Supreme Court.

Here is a play-by-play of the White House press briefing from our twitter account theuptake:

2:12 PM Q: Obama’s personal involvement in Sotomayor approval? A: He’s called some Senators. Nominee will go make her case to Senate.

2:13 PM Senator Schumer expected to help shepherd Sotomayor’s nomination through Senate.

2:14 PM Q: Why Sotomayer? A: Experience, belief in rule of law and her life story.

2:15 PM Q: Has Sotomayer paid her taxes? White House Press Secretary: I have not looked into that. LOL!

2:18 PM Is Sotomayor a radical, liberal activist, legislating from the bench judge? A: Right Wing groups have not really read her opinions yet.

2:22 PM Nevada Gov declining to meet with Obama tonight because of Las Vegas TARP comment? White House says if Gov wants to talk, he should meet.

2:24 PM White House says Sotomayor nomination gives Senate more time to consider than Ginsberg nomination did.

2:26 PM Did Obama see YT Vid of Sotomayor talking about making policy in appeals court? White House: Look at it in the context of what else was said

2:27 PM White House calls Sotomayor You Tube video “short” and “out of context”. Even she knew it would be misconstrued.

2:30 PM White House hoping for “fair and honest” Sotomayor Supreme Court confirmation process in Senate.

2:32 PM White House says Sonia Sotomayor “fully vetted” and “confident” there is no problem such as taxes payments in her background

2:39 PM Will Obama hold town hall meetings to support Sonia Sotomayor nomination? White House: President is proud of who he selected.

2:42 PM White House: Obama did not ask Sonia Sotomayor about her stance on abortion.

2:47 PM Q: Sontomayor is in trouble for the You Tube video isn’t she? White House Gibbs: You can’t judge someone on “snippets”.

2:48 PM Press: Is Sotomayor an activist judge? White House: Do your readers a favor and review her record. You’ll find the answer is no.

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