US Journalist Freed From Iran Meets With Clinton

Roxana Saberi, a journalist from Fargo, ND met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today just days after being freed from an Iranian prison. Saberi had been sentenced to 8 years in prison for espionage. US pressure led to a court reviewing the case, reducing the charge to that of possessing classified information and reducing her term to a suspended two year sentence. She was freed on May 11th.




SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, we are absolutely delighted and obviously, relieved to have Roxana home safely, to have her parents here with us. This was a matter of great concern to our country, certainly to the Obama Administration, to me personally, not only as Secretary of State, but as a mother. And my heart went out to Roxana and to her parents every single day. We are just grateful now that she is free and is able to be back in this country. There were so many people who were working on her behalf, praying for her, speaking out all over the world. And it’s just a great moment for me to welcome you here.


MS. SABERI: Thank you very much. I want to take this opportunity to again thank the American people, President Obama, you, Secretary of State Clinton, and your Department, as well as many others around the world for the support they gave me during the past few months, and for the work they did to push for my release. When I found out that I had the support while I was in prison, I gained a lot of strength and hope and I didn’t feel so alone anymore. It’s wonderful to be back in the United States. I’m very proud to be an American, just as I’m proud of my Japanese and Iranian heritage. It’s wonderful to be back. Thank you. Thank you so much.


SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you all very much. Thank you all very much.



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