Obama On Net Neutrality And Security

President Obama said he was committed to net neutrality and not monitoring speech on the internet. But he wants the US to develop a prevention and response plan to cyberattacks from terrorists and prevent internet criminals. Obama said internet thieves stole more than $1 Trillion dollars worldwide last year.


Here is the summary from our Twitter play-by-play


10:10 AM
theuptake: Obama: We are at a”moment of great promise and great peril” – Live video at www.theuptake.org #obama #uptake


10:11 AM
theuptake: Obama : Digital infrastructure needed to “get the job done”. We depend upon it every day.


10:12 AM
theuptake: Obama: Irony: the tech that allows us to build also allows cyber criminals to destroy. Millions of victims


10:13 AM
theuptake: Obama: I have been a victim of privacy violations. Hackers managed to gain access to our campaign servers. Donations not compromised.


10:15 AM
theuptake: Obama: ecommerce alone generated $132 Billion in sales last year. But last year $1 Trillion stolen by cyber criminals.


10:16 AM
theuptake: Obama: Terrorists want to launch a cyber attack on our country. “Weapon of Mass disruption”.

10:17 AM
theuptake: Obama : Terrorist rely not only on guns and grenades, but on gps and cell phones. We are not as prepared as we should be.


10:17 AM
theuptake: Obama: No single person or federal agency is in charge of cyber security. Thats no longer acceptable.


10:19 AM
theuptake: Obama: We’ve reviewed our cyber security for 60 days from all sorts of interest groups. Today we are releasing a report on that.


10:19 AM
theuptake: Obama: From now on digital networks will be treated as a national security asset. We will protect against attacts.

10:20 AM
theuptake: Obama: Creating a new office at White House for cyber security. I will pick that person and they will report to me.


10:21 AM
theuptake: Obama: Cyber security coordinator will be part of national security staff. Want someone who wants to protect privacy/civil liberties


10:22 AM
theuptake: Obama: Cyber Security report is now on www.whitehouse.gov Live video www.theuptake.org

10:22 AM
theuptake: Obama: “ad hoc responses will not do”. We need plans for cyber attacks.


10:23 AM
theuptake: Obama: most digital networks owned by private companies. We will not dictate security, but work with them.


10:24 AM
theuptake: Obama: We will NOT monitor private sector networks or internet traffic. I am committed to net neutrality


10:25 AM theuptake: Obama: We’re only at web 2.0 We’ve just begun. A new world awaits if we reach for it. As long as I’m President we will do that.


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