Pawlenty Limits His Terms To 2 – No Future Plans

By Noah Kunin, Senior Political Correspondent


Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has announced he will not seek a third term.  Speaking from the MN State Capitol, Gov. Pawlenty said he will not rule anything in or out for his future political plans but will instead focus on building the Republican message both in the state and nationwide.  Gov. Pawlenty is seeking to build a party tent big enough to house both “Colin Powell and Rush Limbaugh”.


The announcement forces several Minnesota Republicans to consider their options for 2010 and significantly improves the chances that a DFL or Independnet candidate could win the race.


This is the RAW video of Gov. Pawlenty’s announcement.  He also discusses his planned unallotments to the state budget, the Coleman v. Franken election certificate and his plans for his final months in office.

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