Tim Pawlenty: The Governor of Brigadoon

By Noah Kunin, Senior Political Correspondent


When Governor Tim Pawlenty was a top candidate for Sen. John McCain’s running mate I filmed this interview with journalist Michael Tortorello on his in-depth article Gov. Pawlenty, “The Cipher”.  With Gov. Pawlenty’s announcement he will not run for a third term as Governor of Minnesota, fueling speculation that he is preparing a Presidential run for 2012, we felt now was a good time to republish the video. You can find our full video of Gov. Pawlenty’s announcement here.



Who is Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty? For some insight we talk with journalist Michael Tortorello who has been writing about the Governor’s rise to power. Tortorello wrote that while many people are just getting to know Pawlenty, the people he’s worked with for years are still struggling to understand who he is – and what, exactly, he believes.


Tortorello says Pawlenty is about as far right as you can get on fiscal and social issues. He offers some interesting insights on how Pawlenty’s signing of a “no new tax” pledge has hamstrung his time in the Governor’s office.


Pawlenty has yet to win a majority of votes in any statewide Minnesota election, winning election and re-election with less than 47 percent of the vote.

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