New MN Minority Leader Zellers Noncommittal On Open GOP Meetings

Newly elected House Minority Leader Kurt Zellers answers questions from the press. Zellars replaces Rep. Marty Seifert who resigned the leadership position so he could consider a run for Governor. Seifert is keeping his seat in the House….for now.


Zellers said he will be a leader who makes decisions, but then deferred decision making Republican Caucus meetings public, saying that will be up to the other members of the caucus.  He said he will support what ever they decide.


Zellers also predicted Republicans will hold 68 to 70 seats after the 2010 elections.  Right now the minority caucus only has 47 seats. The DFL has 87.   When pressed on which seats those might be, he told the press they could figure that out for themselves.


This is Zellers’ fouth term in the Minnesota House.  He represents the Maple Grove area.

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