The UpTake Bids Farewell to Coleman v. Franken via GRITtv

From our good friends at GRITtv with Laura Flanders comes this interview with UpTake Executive Director Jason Barnett.  GRITtv’s description is below:


The Al Franken-Norm Coleman Senate race is finally over. After eight months of ballot counting, charges, and counter charges Minnesota’s Supreme Court ruled 5-0 declaring Franken the winner. And Coleman conceded evidently deciding not to appeal to the nation’s highest court. Through it all no one has followed the story more closely than The UpTake, a patchwork of community groups and organizations committed to making citizen journalism work. We speak to Executive Director Jason Barnett about the Franken decision, how the race was covered, and what The Uptake will be focusing on now that it’s over.


This interview was part of GRITtv’s July 1st, 2009 show which also included coverage on immigration reform.  Watch the entire episode here!  If you are interested in watching GRITtv, click here for information on broadcasts in your area.

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