Rybak Says He Is “Very Likely” To Run For Governor

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak told Democrats in Eagan that he is “very likely” to enter the race for Minnesota Governor. Rybak who is also running for reelection as Mayor this fall has often said he is concentrating on his reelection bid, but his actions the last two days indicate he is looking past this fall and to the 2010 Governor’s race.


Beyond telling Democrats that he is very likely to run, Rybak sent an email out today that was very critical of Governor Pawlenty. In it Rybak said:


“My job as Mayor of Minneapolis is keeping me pretty busy, as you might imagine. Even with the Bush recession and the Pawlenty budget crisis, we’re making Minneapolis a safe place to call home, with crime at its lowest level in decades; we’re creating jobs and opportunity in every community; we’re building great places to strengthen our quality of life, and we’re planning for our children’s future so the city will be even greater for the next generation.


“But it’s clear that I can’t let Governor Pawlenty’s version of events go unchallenged. I’ll continue speaking out about what his failed priorities have meant for Minnesota, and setting out an alternative, proven vision based on our accomplishments in Minneapolis.”


Governor Pawlenty announced earlier this year that he is not running for reelection leading many people in the DFL and the GOP to enter the race. Coincidently, Rybak made his remarks in Pawlenty’s home town of Eagan. Pawlenty served as the area’s Representative before running for Governor. Last year, the legislative seat he held was recaptured by the DFL.


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