Protesters Fear Arrest Today In Rosemary WIlliams Foreclosure

Rosemary Williams and her supporters are expecting a visit from the police today.   On August 7th the Hennepin County Sherrif evicted her from her Minneapolis home with an hours notice despite earlier assurances from the holders of her mortgage that such action wouldn’t be taken.  GMAC is the servicing bank and Lehman Brothers is the trustee bank.


Since then Williams and others have stayed at the house, in violation of the law, as a protest to the foreclosure that could have been avoided with negotiation.     Here is a press release from her supporters this morning:


This morning GMAC contacted Rosemary Williams’s attorney. GMAC offered her $5000 to be quiet, stop activity to save her house, and go away. Ms. Williams said no. She would not take their “30 pieces of silver” when justice was on the line.

Today, we had plans to go to Mayor Rybaks’s office to tell him to order the city attorney to call off the cops. We would hope that our elected officials would act to save the people. It is clear that banks and corporations take precedence over people’s lives.

We will be at the Williams home all day. (3138 Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis) GMAC says it is sending out the police to arrest.

This fight will continue for families in foreclosure. Rosemary Williams stated: “I’m more committed now than ever to help families  in America to save thier homes. GMAC made me more committed than ever.”


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