Bachmann Claims ACORN is “Aiding and Abetting” Brothels

In a teletown hall on September 15th, MN Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) claims the voter-outreach organization, ACORN, is enabling brotherls. Listen as she hears from constituents via a tele-townhall meeting. Recorded by Grace Kelly on September 15th 2009. Capture, edit, and upload by Christian Torkelson.



The president said in his speech …., as you rightly stated, that the saving, supposedly, because, remember, he said he’s gonna spend another 900 billion, which is a gross underestimate of what this will cost; he’s gonna spend 900 billion, but he’s not gonna add one cent to debt. Well, can you imagine if you went out and spent 900 dollars, and you said it’s not gonna cost my bank account a cent? It’s impossible. He said that he’s going to extract those savings from Medicare, through canceling Medicare Advantage, which is about 149 mill, uh, billion dollars, and that is a drug program for senior citizens, where senior citizens can purchase their drugs and get their drug policies through private insurance companies. So President Obama wants to do away with that. Why? Because he wants the Federal Government to run health care.


He doesn’t want private insurance companies; he wants the government to be the insurance company, and so he’s going take away that, but that’s only 149 billion … comes from getting rid of waste, fraud and abuse of Medicare. Well, who’s against that? No one. We all want to get rid of it. I had the congressional research service staff in my office last week, and they told me that by all of their calculations, they can account for maybe 1.3 billion dollars of waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare. Well, now we’re up to 150 billion. Where are the rest of the savings going to come from?


Clearly we know where it’s going to come from: it’s going to come from Medicare. So this is what’s so sad: Here our senior citizens are; they’re the ones that are going to pay for this so-called healthcare reform by not being able to see the doctors, get the appointments, get the pharmaceuticals they need; get the medical, the surgeries, the medical devices; senior citizens are the greatest consumers of health care and it makes sense: they, they’re more at end of life and the body needs more help and repair at that point, and we as a federal government have made a promise to senior citizens, and I don’t see how we benefit anyone by taking away from Senior Citizens their medicare in order to put it into this government takeover of health care. That’s why… Senior citizens are smart, they’re very smart; they watch what’s going on, they’re reading the bills, they’re really paying attention to this health care debate, and they see through what President Obama is saying and they know that he can’t deliver. He can’t say that he’s going to spend 900 billion, which, by the way, is a gross underestimate; it is at minimum 2 trillion dollars of spending. And can I just give you an example of what a trillion looks like?


If you count… if you take a million seconds, a million seconds are eleven and a half days. If you take a billion seconds, that’s 32 years. If you take a trillion seconds, that’s 32 thousand years. So we’re talking about money that we don’t even begin to have, and so, we just, why not embrace a formula that’s not going to hurt senior citizens, not going to cut medicare, and actually work, and that’s our positive alternative, which is let every American own their own health insurance policy, let every American have tax-free accounts to buy their health care, let every American fully deduct all of their health care expenses and let every American buy whatever insurance policy they want, from anyone they want, anywhere they want, and have true choice, true competition, and then finally, have this law suit overhaul, so we don’t have these greedy trial lawyers trying to sue everybody and drive the costs up. That’s it! That solves 95% of our problems, and the preexisting conditions we have? President Obama doesn’t tell you, we have already passed a law to deal with preexisting conditions. We can improve that law and solve that problem, too. So I thank you very much for being on the law, I’m Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

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