Pawlenty Proposes MN Buy Health Insurance From Other states


Minnesota Governor Pawlenty proposes three health care reform initiatives. 
1) Allow Minnesotans to purchase health insurance from other states
2) Require MinnsotaCare and Medical Assistance to price health care services based on quality and cost
3)Include consumer-driven incentives in MinnesotaCare

The proposal was quickly dismissed by DFL state Chair Brian Melendez

“The Governor’s efforts to protect HMOs and maintain the status quo on health care are neither new nor innovative, and would not work for the people of Minnesota. Governor Pawlentys more-of-the-same attitude has become his trademark, and todays rehash of previously failed health-care initiatives shows no leadership, no courage, and no foresight — three qualities that are sorely lacking in this governorship. Sometimes you really cant teach an old dog new tricks.”

Representative Tom Huntley(DFL-Duluth) said that allowing Minnesotans to buy health insurance from companies not regulated in Minnesota would be a bad idea. He said Minnesota already has low-cost, high-quality health care and he didn’t think Minnesota’s Commerce Commissioner should be spending his time tracking insurance offerings from states such as Mississippi.


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