Playful Orangutan Activists Visit Cargill, Call For Action

Video by Craig Stellmacher


Strangely, the day orangutan dressed activists visited the corporate offices of Cargill, all of its employees had disappeared.  The reason for Cargill’s vanishing act may have been the orangutan vanishing act the activists say Cargill is responsible for in the forests of southeast Asia.  The Rainforest Action Network says Cargill is wiping out the orangutan’s habitat as it searches for palm oil, a common ingredient in many of the processed foods Cargill makes.


On Monday, orangutan dressed activists, Hillary Lehr and Ashley Schaeffer, peacefully visited the offices of Cargill in the Grain Exchange Building.  The met a security guard who told them there is no one in the Cargill office, but agreed to deliver the information they have brought along.  After that they engaged in some playful activism on the Nicollet Mall to pressure Cargill to stop wiping out orangutan habitat in search of palm oil in southeast Asia. They came armed with a powerful film too, about the story of one Orangutan, and its habitat, that may be seen at :

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