Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak’s Victory Party Speech.

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Videographer Craig Stellmacher writes:


Mayor Rt Rybak gives his Victory Party Speech to supporters. Afterwards, DFL City Council Members stand at the Podium and pledge to work together.


Then for the last 3 minutes, I talk to Mrs Rybak about the Mayor’s Reinhold Niebuhr quote, and the meaning of art and life.


I’ve had a dialogue with the Rybak’s this year, because as an artist, I photographed 100 Abandoned Homes in Minneapolis. And with Mrs Rybak, we’ve discussed the use of art, to change the city. We are working together, to restore the North Branch Library in another uptake story. So, you can understand then, why I leaned up to his ear tonight right before the speech and said in his ear : “I thought you might win.” And then I handed him a miniature music box, the size of a matchbox.


When you turn the handle, it plays the song : “Imagine”. Craig Stellmacher

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