“No Torture” Statement Draws Protests To Condoleezza Rice Speech

Story by Matt Johnson

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in the Twin Cities tonight to find a couple of dozen protesters outside where she was speaking at the Beth El Synagogue in St Louis Park.

The protesters were upset that Rice had said the US did not support torture even though prisoners were tortured while Rice served during the Bush administration. 

I spoke with Chuck who is ashamed that his synagogue would invite Dr Rice to speak here.   He has crafted a letter to the FBI asking  that Dr. Rice be investigated for conspiracy to commit torture.

The letter cites a youtube video where she was questioned on if she thought water boarding was torture.  The letter.  sent to the FBI,  was carbon copied to the U S attorney for the District of Minnesota.

I also spoke with Robert who laments that human beings have not learned to avoid war and still torture each other.  He says the US has broken international law by torturing it’s detainees.

Robert is also being charged in a Burnsville incident where during a similar protest, the police said he was honking his horn in violation of the law.

A You Tube video of Dr. Rice’s torture statement can be found here

Matt Johnson reporting for The Uptake on Sunday November 8th 2009.


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