Party Propaganda:DNC calls out Bachmann, Kline, House Republicans For Lies, Scare Tactics On Health

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 The Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced today the latest in its ongoing series – Call ‘Em Out – calling out House Republicans for their continued use of debunked claims and outright lies to distort the health insurance reform debate and block reform.  For months, Republicans have offered nothing but outlandish assertions – based purely on myth – and it’s crucial in the homestretch of this necessary and historic health reform effort that reform supporters double down on separating fact from fiction.  In an email that will be sent today, DNC Executive Director Jen O’Malley Dillon asks health reform supporters to watch a video pitting house members’ misleading, false claims against the independent organizations who have repeatedly discounted those claims and asks supporters to share their concerns with their Representative via twitter.

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