Copenhagen or bust: Dec 7 – 18

Mike, Jason, Chuck and several of our partners will be at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference starting December 7 and ending Dec 18. (OK, there’ll be boots on the ground several days before that, but the 7th is when the conference begins.) 
COP15, as the conference is nicknamed, is a chance for world leaders to negotiate and discuss what to do with the “global threat of climate change.” (Quoth I from the UNFCC site.)
We’ll be working with Mother Jones, The Nation, One World and many others to bring live and produced footage from the conference, the protests, the city and surrounding culture.  Time difference is 7 hours, and though we’ll have some live action in the wee hours of US time, much of what you’ll see will be a bit delayed. 
We’re excited for our first international coverage opportunity, and hope you’ll check in our front page and our Twitter account for breaking news and videos. The Twitter hashtag for the event is #cop15.
Feel free to drop us a line over the next few weeks as you watch the team tromp through Denmark.  We’re at, as usual.
See you over the sea! 

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