Reactions to the Gubernatorial Debates

People shared their reactions to the DFL Minnesota debate for candidates for governor, held on November 24, 2009 at Hopkins.


Since there are 11 candidates, the format rotated who was on stage so that only three were on stage, allowing people to see fast responses from other candidates. Not all candidates answered all questions. So rather than focussing on content, this format showcased ability to speak and to respond.


This format was also more exciting to watch. Normally during a campaign at this time there would be polarization. This year is unique in that generally the audience is seeing all of the candidates positively, even when a person has already picked a personal first choice. Even humor is playing an important role in having candidates stand out.


This debate was hosted by the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (MN DFL) party 3rd Congressional District (CD3) and 5th Congressional District (CD5). KSTP-TV’s Chief Political Reporter, Tom Hauser, moderated DFL Candidates Tom Bakk, Mark Dayton, Matt Entenza, Susan Gaertner, Steve Kelley, Margaret Anderson-Kelliher, John Marty, Tom Rukavina, R.T. Rybak, Ole Savior and Paul Thissen participated. The debate can be seen here at Uptake.    

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