COP15, Day 3

By Alicia Neubauer, UpTake intern.


Welcome to Day 3 of the COP15 news roundup!  Here are more news highlights from Copenhagen:


A report released by the Department of Climate Change has predicted that with a 1.1 –meter rise in sea level around Australia in the next 10 years, over 250,000 Australians will be forced to sell their homes and relocate.  Since 80 percent of Australians live near the coast, the news is especially bad for those coastal dwellers who would have to accept deals from the government for their homes and land, relocating them to safer land within 10 years.  Crikey.  (via MinnPost)


The small island nation of Tuvalu was denied its request to the U.N. to have even more aggressive regulations of greenhouse gases than are currently being considered.  Saudi Arabia, China, and India rejected Tuvalu’s proposal, while the U.S. remained silent.  The Pacific island-state is in danger, as rising sea levels could mean their land would literally be swallowed up by water, forcing inhabitants elsewhere.  (via NPR)


China’s chief climate negotiator Yu Qingtai said the U.S. should do some “deep soul-searching,” after the two biggest carbon-producing countries got in a bit of a heated discussion Wednesday.  The U.S. asked China to “stand behind” their promise to slow their growing greenhouse gas emissions, which China replied to with criticism of the U.S. for not keeping its promises to help developing countries.  Then the U.S. dis-invited China to its birthday party. (via MSNBC)


Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson was greeted in Copenhagen with a standing ovation Wednesday, as the Obama administration begins making its moves at COP15.  Jackson and other fellow Cabinet secretaries will continue to represent the U.S. in Copenhagen, following Monday’s announcement that the U.S. formally declared greenhouse gases as a public health threat.  (via the Los Angeles Times)


A collection of fashion designers held eco-conscious fashion shows across from COP15 at Copenhagen’s Opera House on Wednesday.  Designers created frocks from various Earth-friendly materials such as Inego, created from corn material; Milkfiber, made from milled milk; and the icky-sounding Crabion, which is composed of none other than crab-industry byproducts.  I’ll stick to cotton for now, thanks.  (via  the StarTribune)


More COP15 news and video is coming to you for the next two weeks via The UpTake – keep checking in with us!

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