COP15, Day 8

By Kelly Gulbrandson, UpTake intern.

First, coming off a weekend of protests, negotiations were stalled for a few hours today as a few countries in attendance staged a protest.  The poorer countries believed the richer countries were not doing enough to cut greenhouse gas emissions.


From the New York Times article:


“The move was partly a tactical one as climate talks entered a second, more serious week, and by the afternoon, representatives from developing countries said they were ready to return to the table. Still, the threat of non participation underscored the tenuous dynamic between richer and poorer nations.”

Climate change activist Al Gore also made an appearance at the conference today.

Although he had canceled a previously scheduled talk, he listened to the negotiations. According to the article on, he was treated like a rockstar by the participants.

On the topic on protests, the Autralia delegation had an interesting day

According to this blog, the country agreed to fiscally help out with a program promoted by the U.S.


“The new initiatives, part of Climate REDI (Renewables and Efficiency Deployment Initiative) will speed up deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency technology in developing nations.”

Also in another event from the day from the same blog: “Australia has also been accused of “cooking the carbon books” after it was revealed while counting carbon sequestered by through modified farming and forestry strategies, it did not include high emissions aspects like bush fires (increasing due to climate change) and clear fell logging.” This has made the Australian delegation not popular among the other countries in the conference.

That is all for today climate conference watchers!

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