Tea Party Video Reports – GOP Being Taken Over By Progressives

What kind of people are attending Tea Party Nation in Nashville this weekend? The UpTake’s Craig Stellmacher has been camped out at the Grand Ole Opry where the event is underway. We have several videos below, but this first one kind of sums up the general sentiment of the crowd. The Republican party is “too progressive” and needs to be jerked back to the right.


Attendees try to define what the Tea Party is:


For some reason, the Tea Party organizers think it is a bad idea for attendees to talk to the press. So the press is “exiled” to a room with lots of tables and no one to talk to:


Would Ron Paul be welcome here?

A man dressed as Sam Adams tries to explain the Tea Party (this is a longer interview than the video at the top of this story).


Joy Ford had owned land on Nashville’s fabled Music Row for decades, and she’d been inside the music biz here, when a Texas firm tried to use eminent domain to take her land. They picked the wrong person to mess with, but it took her years to negotiate a win.

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