Religious Leaders Urge Pawlenty GAMC Veto Override.

By Craig Stellmacher

Before the vote on Monday, Father Kevin McDonough and Pastor Grant Stevenson strongly urge a veto override for General Assistance Medical Care, or GAMC.


Father McDonough, starts by mentioning that a second Bishop’s letter was delivered over the weekend to the legislature, signed by all Minnesota Bishops urging them to support GAMC. He then goes on to mention, how he knows personally someone who needs the help of GAMC right now, as a bridge to a future more stable life.


“I have no idea what we would do in my neighborhood…” without GAMC. Pastor Stevenson, also mentions he personally knows people on GAMC. Then he powerfully attacks Governor Pawlenty for repeatedly invoking God–as “being in charge”. He reminds Pawlenty, and the legislature, that THEY are responsible “for the poorest in the land”, that they have a “social contract with one another”.

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